Our Designer Series Pole Docks, the cornerstone of On the Water Designs, are hand crafted by experienced welders using the highest quality Canadian materials at our factory in Muskoka. Each section utilizes marine-grade aluminum framing and stainless steel fasteners to ensure a completely rust free design. Decking choices include Western Red Cedar, Solid PVC or Aluminum. A Designer Series Pole Dock from On the Water Designs makes a very durable and elegant centerpiece to any waterfront.

Designer Series Pole Docks come in a wide variety of standard sizes including 4′, 6′, 8′ & 10′ wide and 10′, 15′ & 20′ long. Custom sizes and designs allow for additional flexibility where needed. All frames include decking support stringers every 16″ allowing for almost any choice of decking both now and in the future. Our exclusive deck panel clips clamp decking securely to the frame.

Light Weight

Tired of carrying your wood dock in and out of the water each season? Our aluminum dock systems are up to 75% lighter than your current design. Our modular deck panels allow each section to be removed individually. Most of our dock frames can be lifted by just 2 people or may be wheeled or floated with optional accessories.

Best Warranty In The Business

Your dock is exposed to the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Hot, cold, storm winds and high waves. All before your family arrives for a weekend of swimming, skiing and relaxing on the water.

You want a dock that is ready when you are. Every company claims to build the best, most durable dock available but the truth is easy to uncover.

Just Ask About the Warranty

At On the Water Designs, we warranty our dock frames for a full 10 Years. Our warranty is NOT prorated meaning you aren’t responsible for 10% of the cost in year 1, 20% in year 2 etc. like some of our competitors. With On the Water Designs, you have the same great coverage at year 10 as you did the day you bought the dock. We are able to offer the best warranty in the business because most of our clients never need to use it. To us, that is the mark of a great quality dock system.

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