Founded in 2000, On the Water Designs is a family-run business that started in a small rental facility. Our goal was to build long-lasting designer series dock systems.

Our dream was soon realized—today, the designer series Pole DockFloating Dock, and Tower Dock continue to be our best-selling dock line.

In 2008, we acquired our largest local competitor and moved into their facility, which is still known by locals as the Bahaus Docks location. The company we acquired was importing the leisure series pole dock system from China, so we decided to bring that production back home and to produce it in-house; in the process, we also managed to reduce the cost by removing shipping cost and middle men, and as a result, gained a much tighter control on the product quality and availability.

Solid Aluminum Hardware & New Titan Series Floating Dock

With this added production capability, we then created an exclusive line of extruded aluminum dock hardware—and we are the only company producing extruded aluminum hardware. While it is a very expensive product line to establish, it is extremely solid, and the cost-savings allows us to sell it at the same price as comparable steel hardware.

Our newest product is our Titan Series Pontoon Floating Dock. We took a common design in our industry, made it stronger, and paired it with our Designer Series aluminum frame to create a premium dock design that is expected to outlive most of the clients who buy them.

Docking Solutions by On the Water Designs

Our company has done more than just develop new products—we have also created lasting relationships with dealers across Ontario and parts of Canada. Through this network of dealers, we have provided docking solutions to the most major cottage and camping areas in Canada.

When our founders, Dave and Mary, retired in January 2018, On the Water Designs became a second-generation family business, now owned by their son, Brandon, and Brandon’s wife, Michelle, who, together, will be continuing to carry on our family values. On behalf of our team, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them join us in building many more docks in the future.

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