Perfect for commercial applications, or a lifetime at the cottage! The Titan Series Floating Dock combines the best features of all our docking systems into a single, long lasting, high performance dock.

Your choice of Wood or PVC Decking sits above a durable aluminum frame. Our rugged reinforced pontoon system ensures the dock stays safely above the water and waves. Like all On the Water Designs docks, our Titan Series Pontoon Floating Dock is fabricated by skilled welders and carpenters to ensure your dock lasts a lifetime. Our aluminum frames come complete with a 10 year warranty and our reinforced pontoons carry a warranty that is more than a lifetime – 100 years!

Durable Pontoon Floats

Pontoon floats create a rigid structure underneath your dock frame creating great structural support for rough conditions like consistent wave action from boat traffic or mother nature. The rugged nature of this style of floatation is not simply due to the materials used, but also in the design. After thorough design, testing & redesign at our onsite testing facility we landed on the ideal welded box style design which includes cross members between the main pontoons. This not only makes the frame much more durable in rough conditions but also adds flotation where it is needed most—at the outer ends of each dock frame. Walking on a dock with separate individual pontoons is an entirely different experience which, while much less expensive to produce, created a much less stable experience we were not comfortable providing to our clients

Aluminum Frame

The 100% unique feature of the Titan Series is our welded aluminum upper frame. During development, we asked ourselves “why match a pontoon float with a 25 year warranty with a wood frame that might last 15 years”? Our aluminum frame answers the need for a low maintenance, long lasting docking solution. This frame was modeled after our proven Designer Series frame but beefed up with thicker, heavier supports to ensure ideal performance in rough conditions.

Best Warranty in the Business

Your dock is exposed to the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Hot, cold, storm winds and high waves. All before your family arrives for a weekend of swimming, skiing and relaxing on the water.

You want a dock that is ready when you are. Every company claims to build the best, most durable dock available but the truth is easy to uncover.

Just Ask About the Warranty

At On the Water Designs, we warranty our aluminum dock frames for a full 10 Years, and 25 Years on our Pontoon Floats. Our warranty is NOT prorated meaning you aren’t responsible for 10% of the cost in year 1, 20% in year 2 etc. like some of our competitors. With On the Water Designs, you have the same great coverage in the last year as you did the day you bought the dock. We are able to offer the best warranty in the business because most of our clients never need to use it. To us, that is the mark of a great quality dock system.

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